WORD: 4 Days ✊

4 days

You must be thinking, what is 4 days!!
Well, 4 days, that is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But then again,what is 4 days?

See, my niece Clarice (may her soul Rest in Peace), she lived for 4 days, so if you ask me what 4 days is, 4 days was a lifetime for her.

See my 4 days were bliss, wonder, perfect and dare I say euphoria by name.

See these 4 days like a fast passing wind were swift. The kind of days you only live once, the kind of days you don’t see coming and almost never see leave, the kind of days, the kind of kinds that deny you the chance of any good-byes.

The kind of days that take and take all they can, giving little or nothing back, no well dones, no thank yous (just how i like them) occasionally letting a little grin slide through … they sound mean right!!

Well i hate to disagree but no, see these days they live no regrets behind, only a strong sense of dejavu, desire to re-live and insomnia every now and then.

And scents, yes scents, well with these it’s kind of a love-hate relationship, sometimes they’ll make you jiggle, on other days you prefer the smell of burnt tires to them …


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REALITY CHECK: What is, is it what ought to be?


This long stay in the countryside is a slap to reality or should I say what ought to be reality. This reality though has different interpretations. You are very free to create your own but am talking about our reality, the kind that we can all relate to.

See, being born in this generation is quite the blessing. ‘The era of technology’ or so it’s called. My old Uncle calls it ‘The era of madness.’ My father prefers to call it ‘The era of complicated simplicity.’ With a tap of the phone, your needs will be sorted, be it food delivery, shopping, communication, learning or even business. You could run a multi-million company at the comfort of your bed. Tell me if there’s something cooler than that.

My sister learnt how to cook with YouTube and phew! her marriage was saved, in fact she’s now her mother in-laws favorite all thanks to the smart phone. It’s all just a amazing. Our reality is being simplified by the day. Is it though?What our reality is, is it what ought to be? I can’t help but agree with my dad. We are simply complicated.

I have seen relationships break faster than they were formed. More phones, faster WiFi and less humanity. These days when someone falls down, the 1st thing the neighbour will do is take a picture or a video no matter how hard you have fallen. That humane instinct to help people has evaporated.

See, in this our generation, perfection is a must have. If you aren’t striving for perfection, you might as well give up already. We have forgotten that our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. We are more focused on getting the perfect grades, perfect car, perfect house, perfect partner, perfect body name it and forget that we all can’t be the Kardashians of this world, our relationships can’t be like Beyoncé and Jayz. We all can’t have flat waists and round bums with perfect curves and well drawn eyebrows. That’s not how it works. There will always be people like me who look like a Sunday afternoon on a Monday morning.

In this our reality, how much you love someone is measured by how much you post then on your social media accounts. How much you care is only shown by how fast you respond to my WhatsApp messages. Forget the Ben Carsons, Mandels and Dangotes of this world. In this our reality, achieving is when you have many followers on Twitter and your tweet has been retweeeted by millions, it’s when you have many likes on that picture you posted on IG or Facebook or when the days of working out and starving yourself have finally paid off.

Being ‘savage’ or throwing shade on other people is considered being cool, no!!! You’re actually being uncouth, uncultured and simply mean. In this world, a charger is a must have, internet connectivity a must have, negativity a part of us coupled with constant competition for a nonexistent prize or maybe am blind and just don’t see it. People have worn masks for too long they don’t remember who they are.

The elders here refer to us as ‘the kids of nowadays’. When my Uncle calls it ‘the era of madness’, he doesn’t say it with a proud smile on his wrinkled face. It’s more like a shake of his head, then that long sigh. Maybe am high on milk or the countryside winds have either blown my sense away or have blown sense in, surely I really don’t know. What our reality is can’t be changed what it is and what it’s not, I can’t tell but is it what it ought to be?

Every time you look in the mirror, don’t forget, you are beautiful. Your scars are a sign for the battles you have fought, wear them proudly. Your are unique and you have a purpose. It’s a beautiful life. You just have to put your love glasses on, hold your head high and wear your scars like the warrior you are.

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TODAY: LinkedIn Is The Future of Professionalism

LinkedIn Logo

The olden ages are no more, the days when our forefathers did travel distances with classifications of credentials and qualifications to find employment. We can attribute this to the sluggish developments in technology and lifestyle that bred individuals who were resistant to change.

Come in LinkedIn, a platform to which professionals and other people looking to market their skills, knowledge and ability have turned to today. LinkedIn boasts a 546+ million connected annual user base covering over 200 countries and composed of individuals, organisations, companies and multi-nationals across the globe.

The “CONNECT” themed LinkedIn application has made it real quick and easy for employers to cross check, match and keep connections with prospective experts in the different fields of their employment. LinkedIn as a portal has made obsolete the tiresome preparation and paperwork one once was once required to present in order to qualify or get a job.

My Network tab

LinkedIn’s like most portals of endeavour has the “Home”, “My Network”, “Messaging”, “Notifications” and “Jobs” tabs. This has made it simpler for those seeking placement or at least intending to showcase their particulars to structure their metadata in an order that is convenient to the available job market.

Contact synchronisation

Signing up is absolutely convenient, it’s the usual username, email, password and confirmation thereafter. After signing up, one is required to log in again as is the culture with most of these sights in a bid to beef security of the user’s data. The casual email and phone number are also required so as to enhance the avenues for account recovery in case of any denial to access or attempted hacks in the future.

Sample: My profile

Next, is the requirement to fill out in detail and clarity one’s profile comprising among others the experience, education, volunteer experiences and causes making it easy for the employer or those seeking connections to find exactly what they are searching for in an individual of interest. Accomplishments, featured skills, endorsements and recommendations make it simpler to see the exceptional ability and assess the past performance record of an individual.

Helps you connect with those near by

LinkedIn also has the “Contact”, “Find Nearby” and also tailors one’s contacts thereby making it easy to be reach and be reached by those known and unknown (new) to him. Keeping in contact is among the most important products both the portal and app provide for different professionals around the world.

Finally, the “More from LinkedIn” tab lists Recruiter, Job Search, Learning and Sales Navigator enable one to find jobs and recruitment with various organisations and individuals.

Poetry: The Skills I Trade

The mascara I cried down my cheeks
Became my art in the past and
Painted every little beauty you left in the dark
For once it was beautiful makeup,
Thats now become a hasty mark in the carpet
With wrinkles and detents along the cracks,
It pretty much noted where we left off
Knowing a better piece of art could take forever
But look better when the colors changed
Seemingly in a tear drop, from the several I lost
The paint still gets dry and the broken crayon doesn’t stop coloring.

When we colored the rainbow black and white
The past ruined my art.
But I caught seven colors in a globe alone
Where, the maze of finger prints on glass
And foot prints in the sand became one company
The canvas I colored on, outside the lines was my reflection
And time became my paint brush
For everyother second was vested in something varnished.
For art can speak for a flower picked up
Ready to wither, after five minutes of beauty in a vess
Cause the hard way is resetting when the picture becomes blurry
And moving on with another shade
Then the shadows became too many layers to paint
In the comfort of the walls I painted.

Freedom, Fair use, piracy and the copyright

Originality, such an exquisite and exciting word , isn’t it? We all want it so real, uncopied, ORIGINAL.

Freedom, an equally exciting word, sweet, desirable. Who doesn’t dream of a world where all we desire is free for all?

People that offer things to the world for free are very likely to be considered as heroes. But we all know every story has two sides, sometimes with our heroes playing villainous roles to someone else.

Download the torrents. Download the YouTube video, make a copy of that blockbuster, share it on a storage drive. Download a trial version of that expensive software, get the crack. No one appreciates the heroics behind all that freedom. To use without restriction. No one appreciates the brilliant minds behind all our free share websites that are frequently changing URLs, or the magnificent share apps on our smartphones. We need to take a moment and appreciate all this, don’t we? I dare say NO.

Behind every work of art, the music master piece, smooth running software, the perfectly scripted movie lies years of practice, commitment, trying and failing. And what else would impress these architects of our society like simply appreciating what they do, screaming their names out with love? Making their lives better!! The same society that screams their names out with love will be waiting for their failure, for their lives to fall apart, for the debts and trauma that has eaten up so many celebrities and we are always so ready to point fingers, he did drugs, she sold her body out to any guy that crossed her path, he was extravagant, she was arrogant. So judgmental but we forget the one in the mirror. When was the last time you actually paid for the great things they had to offer when they still could?
The free music, the movie streaming, the cracked software. It was all exciting. But somewhere else, someone waited for their work to pay off and it didn’t. They could see the illusions of it paying off as you cheered, they could read your favorite billboards that compared their expenses and pressured them to spend more, they heard it, they saw it…, But it never paid them in the way that mattered most.

Poetry: Seven Days Of An African Woman!

Day one, all is well and calls her sweetheart

Day two, my love

Day three, love

Day four, woman!

Day five, mama junior

Day six, a glance at her and he takes his own way

Day seven, a slap on her face and the next thing you know,

beatings shoutings and bangs as though the titans were chasing in the heavens

Poor woman of Africa, tears streaming down her face

Everyday wishing for the end of times to engulf her,

Every now and then lamenting my children! Oh! My children

And at night fall he returns to resume the war,

Her face is sad again, poor woman of Africa!

Oh! Africa, if only the seven days of an african woman

Had an everlasting sweetheart and if only

The strong claimed protection not predominance

The veil wouldn’t be the cry in a civilized society

Oh, Africa away with ghosts, illusions, fairy tales and phantoms,

And create a fight for a togetherness

To the African woman, mother, and leader for forever harmony!

Fort Portal Propaganda: Omusaijja Tayangwa, A man is unrejectable!

Quite often in the country, Fort Portal is acknowledged for several of its beautiful landscapes and several other terms good and bad, but one custom thats left everyone ears about their culture is the unforgettable phrase “omusaijja tayangwa” meaning a man is unrejectable.

To many youth today it may come as a cliche but from the many world views, women activists can settle to criticize and blow up an argument which given the circumstance is virtual regardless of emotions. However its custom that a girl in Tooro wouldn’t and still cannot be married off without her consent, hence many a time during a traditional wedding the brides father says I cannot deny the man my daughter has brought home and the many in ear shot have transformed this into the phrase that sells of the binds of the custom as well the feminine virtual of the culture.

Just as Buganda is a very staunch and conserved culture in Uganda, Tooro is not just a beautiful city with an English name its culture is still a priority and at times confused due to a language barrier.

Its today culture resonates in an ongoing generation don’t let it slide English is a visitor native is us, every culture everywhere.

MUBS: Appointment of Balunywa a sham in the eyes of the law

Recently, the President of Uganda ordered the Ministry of Education to reinstate Professor Balunywa as the Makerere University Business School Principal, a move that has been tainted with heavy contention and invited by mixed reactions from the public. The NRM government has been famed for its “rule by law” and not rule of law tendencies, the degree at which they bend the acceptable and established laws is alarming and here they are again with repeated statutory contravention.

Mubs Prinicipal Prof Balunywa

The Compensations Act CAP 286 under section 12 makes compulsory the retirement of all officers on attaining 60 years. Sub section 2 of the same section bestows to the President the power to only order an officer to retire and as such the position of the law as regards reappointment of retired officers is clearly not in to the President. Mr Balunywa as per his passport was born on December 3rd, 1955 which makes him 62 years old and his reappointment by the President is therefore in violation of this provision.

Section 83 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act of 2001 mandates the Education Service Commission to appoint Principals of Public Tertiary Institutions on the terms and conditions that are to be determined by the same commission. The same section further guarantees a 5 year term and also for reappointment. The power therefore doesn’t belong in the hands of the President.

Mr Balunywa as a Presidential appointment did not appear before Parliament for vetting as is required for all Presidential appointments. The appointment letter of Professor Balunywa from the office of the President to the Ministry of Education dated May 28th, 2018 lacks an expiration date, time is always of essence in performance of a contract with reference to the contractual jurisprudence case of Panesar v Popat.

The Ministry of Education and Uganda Law Society are hereby called upon to keep this matter on watch. I further demand that the Education Service Commission to advertise the post of Principal of Makerere Business School to allow others the opportunity vie for the prestigious position and to the President, a respect for the law.

Email: raymondamumpaire@gmail.com

Opinion: Legal climate surrounding bail and bond for all criminals.

The President, while addressing the nation at the reading of the National and Fiscal Budget expressed the need to remove bail and bond provisions from the criminal jurisprudence of the nation for perpetrators.

President Yoweri Museveni (in yellow)

This came days after ruthless killers claimed the life of yet another Ugandan political big wig the late Ibrahim Abiriga, the former Arua Municipality member of parliament last week.

Over the last 23 years since the institution of the current Constitution, bail has been an existent provision under article 23 (6) which enables article 28 (3)(c) which avails to anyone charged with a criminal offence adequate time and facilities for the preparation of their defence. Bond and Bail go a long way in helping the charged parties in organise their defence.

Articles 98 and 99 clearly specify the function and authority of the President, however, Constitutional matters belong only to those in the legislature not the executive. He may lobby legislators to have his resolution passed but he will not. Bail is a fundamental human right and is inherent by virtue of one being a human being.

President Museveni is seen to reiterate his plan in this tweet.

No one is above the law and that’s what article 2 on supremacy of the Constitution secures, the President therefore cannot wake up and have the provisions of our grundnorm defiled at his discretion, his exercise of authority should be in line with the Constitution.

I hereby call upon the Judiciary, Judicial Service Commission, Constitution Reform Commission, Uganda Law Society and other stakeholders to stand up and out against this process, also lock forces and see to it that the rule of law is maintained and upheld.


Music: African Reality Album is finally here!

As I write, Clear Block Gang artiste Ariong James Oscar a.k.a AJO has come up with a new release date as this June 29th, 2018 for his highly anticipated “African Reality” album. The 14-track album has so far received lots of positive views and reaction from various music listeners especially those that have listened to the Transcend and Nuba hit songs.


African Reality like its name looks at analysing history, celebrating culture and documenting the beauty that is our motherland, Africa. The Album further features Ugandan song birds Sandra Kay, Akongo, Essie, Jason Ntaro plus Nase Avatar, Sam Lamara (Samurai) among other producers.

The Album is a tale of African evolution right from the whites’ discovery of the “dark continent” and preaches a message of Africa to the rest of the world.

Below is the tracklist:

1. African Tales ft Sandra Kay (prod. Nase Avatar)

2. Fight of Flight (prod. Nase Avatar)

3. Rebirth ft Sandra Kay (prod. Nase Avatar)

4. Chain Ching (prod. Nase Avatar)

5. Anecdote (prod. Koz N’ Effekt& Nase Avatar)

6. Nuba (prod. Nase Avatar)

7. Reality Check ft Akongo (prod. Nase Avatar)

8. Emali (prod. Nase Avatar)

9. Angels Die ft Essie (prod. Nase Avatar)

10. Lalibela (prod. Koz N’ Effekt & Nase Avatar)

11. Icarius ft Akongo (prod. Nase Avatar)

12. Transcend (prod. Mowglii, Mike256 & Sam Lamara)

13. Yield (prod. Nase Avatar)

14. Interlude – African Reality by Jason Ntaro (prod. Mowglii and Nase Avatar)


All mixed and mastered by Nase Avatar at Port Bell Drive music.

The album will be available for only Ug Shs 15,000.