What if we could time travel?

by Nasasira Tony Blair

Probably everyone gets those moments where we wish we could move back in time or maybe forward it to the future, or peep into the future and see the results of our decisions today. We have had those scintillating excitments that make us want to relive them. Painful mistakes that we wish we could go back and correct. Excruciatingly boring moments that we would wish to fast forward and skip. Unpredictable outcome decisions to be made that make us wish we could see the future first and move back to today and make the right choice. In our imagination, in our subliminal thoughts, a certain kind of time travel is wished for.

Theoretically science has found time travel to be possible, but light years away from our cognition and ingenuity today since it would require physical conditions that are technically inachievable. But in all honesty, its not the science that makes this concept unfathomable, It is fundamentally a philosophical mystery rather than technological. Possibility of time travel comes along with many logical paradoxes that make it rather complicated. Paradoxes that have been technically termed as temporal / time travel paradoxes.

Grand father paradox: This can simply be explained with a case of a person who travels from the future to the past, meets his grandfather and kills him. Now that person from the future wont exist in the future, but exists at that moment, and yet came to that moment by coming from the future, a future in which in which he doesnot exist. So, would he disappear if he killed the grandfather, would the universe find another way to cause his existence, or would he live on though without any ancestry?

Casual loop paradox: As the paradox is named, it is about the endless loop without origin or initial cause and final effect that time travel can create. A simpler way to explain this would be, a person travelling to the past and teaching someone in the past how to do something that eventually leads to the invention of a time travel machine, which initially enabled her to move back to the past. This becomes an endless loop without origin. If the time traveller didnt move to the past, time travel wouldnt have been discovered, and she wouldn’t have moved to the past. Yet its because of the past that she manages to move back since the time travelling machine came from a past, which she actually created and it goes on endlessly.

Fermi’s paradox: This paradox that applies to existence of extra terrestrial life can also apply to time travel. It is basically a question of “If a more intelligent extra-terrestrial life exists, why hasn’t it come into contact with us?”. So many arguments are crafted to answer this as it is also with time travel “If time travellers exist why haven’t we come into contact with any? ” Are they intentionally hiding?, do they understand probable consequences of interference in course of history and try not to get involved?
So maybe it is a better position to be in when we can’t control time. Time travel creates a new scope of possibilities in our very existence that could threaten human kind more than our daily hedonistic and fluctuating ways of life.

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Freedom, Fair use, piracy and the copyright

Originality, such an exquisite and exciting word , isn’t it? We all want it so real, uncopied, ORIGINAL.

Freedom, an equally exciting word, sweet, desirable. Who doesn’t dream of a world where all we desire is free for all?

People that offer things to the world for free are very likely to be considered as heroes. But we all know every story has two sides, sometimes with our heroes playing villainous roles to someone else.

Download the torrents. Download the YouTube video, make a copy of that blockbuster, share it on a storage drive. Download a trial version of that expensive software, get the crack. No one appreciates the heroics behind all that freedom. To use without restriction. No one appreciates the brilliant minds behind all our free share websites that are frequently changing URLs, or the magnificent share apps on our smartphones. We need to take a moment and appreciate all this, don’t we? I dare say NO.

Behind every work of art, the music master piece, smooth running software, the perfectly scripted movie lies years of practice, commitment, trying and failing. And what else would impress these architects of our society like simply appreciating what they do, screaming their names out with love? Making their lives better!! The same society that screams their names out with love will be waiting for their failure, for their lives to fall apart, for the debts and trauma that has eaten up so many celebrities and we are always so ready to point fingers, he did drugs, she sold her body out to any guy that crossed her path, he was extravagant, she was arrogant. So judgmental but we forget the one in the mirror. When was the last time you actually paid for the great things they had to offer when they still could?
The free music, the movie streaming, the cracked software. It was all exciting. But somewhere else, someone waited for their work to pay off and it didn’t. They could see the illusions of it paying off as you cheered, they could read your favorite billboards that compared their expenses and pressured them to spend more, they heard it, they saw it…, But it never paid them in the way that mattered most.