REALITY CHECK: What is, is it what ought to be?


This long stay in the countryside is a slap to reality or should I say what ought to be reality. This reality though has different interpretations. You are very free to create your own but am talking about our reality, the kind that we can all relate to.

See, being born in this generation is quite the blessing. ‘The era of technology’ or so it’s called. My old Uncle calls it ‘The era of madness.’ My father prefers to call it ‘The era of complicated simplicity.’ With a tap of the phone, your needs will be sorted, be it food delivery, shopping, communication, learning or even business. You could run a multi-million company at the comfort of your bed. Tell me if there’s something cooler than that.

My sister learnt how to cook with YouTube and phew! her marriage was saved, in fact she’s now her mother in-laws favorite all thanks to the smart phone. It’s all just a amazing. Our reality is being simplified by the day. Is it though?What our reality is, is it what ought to be? I can’t help but agree with my dad. We are simply complicated.

I have seen relationships break faster than they were formed. More phones, faster WiFi and less humanity. These days when someone falls down, the 1st thing the neighbour will do is take a picture or a video no matter how hard you have fallen. That humane instinct to help people has evaporated.

See, in this our generation, perfection is a must have. If you aren’t striving for perfection, you might as well give up already. We have forgotten that our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. We are more focused on getting the perfect grades, perfect car, perfect house, perfect partner, perfect body name it and forget that we all can’t be the Kardashians of this world, our relationships can’t be like Beyoncé and Jayz. We all can’t have flat waists and round bums with perfect curves and well drawn eyebrows. That’s not how it works. There will always be people like me who look like a Sunday afternoon on a Monday morning.

In this our reality, how much you love someone is measured by how much you post then on your social media accounts. How much you care is only shown by how fast you respond to my WhatsApp messages. Forget the Ben Carsons, Mandels and Dangotes of this world. In this our reality, achieving is when you have many followers on Twitter and your tweet has been retweeeted by millions, it’s when you have many likes on that picture you posted on IG or Facebook or when the days of working out and starving yourself have finally paid off.

Being ‘savage’ or throwing shade on other people is considered being cool, no!!! You’re actually being uncouth, uncultured and simply mean. In this world, a charger is a must have, internet connectivity a must have, negativity a part of us coupled with constant competition for a nonexistent prize or maybe am blind and just don’t see it. People have worn masks for too long they don’t remember who they are.

The elders here refer to us as ‘the kids of nowadays’. When my Uncle calls it ‘the era of madness’, he doesn’t say it with a proud smile on his wrinkled face. It’s more like a shake of his head, then that long sigh. Maybe am high on milk or the countryside winds have either blown my sense away or have blown sense in, surely I really don’t know. What our reality is can’t be changed what it is and what it’s not, I can’t tell but is it what it ought to be?

Every time you look in the mirror, don’t forget, you are beautiful. Your scars are a sign for the battles you have fought, wear them proudly. Your are unique and you have a purpose. It’s a beautiful life. You just have to put your love glasses on, hold your head high and wear your scars like the warrior you are.

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