UCU Law Society Elections: An Overview


So, as is the culture in every society, there has to be a transition of power from the outgoing regime to the incoming fresh structure of leaders. Now, the elections (that took place on Friday 9.03.2017) were this time around (they being my first) or as always, welcomed with lots of anticipations from the Law fraternity of the University with each candidate trying hard to get fellow students to realize their dreams and goals for their society if they are to be elected into office.

This year, I may say, things took a rather rare turn. We had election petitions (days before the election), three candidates vying for the highest post i.e. Lutaya Allan Mark, Wooli Gerald Sandy & Nakibinge Shafic all running for Presidency. We also had Sheila Atuhaire and Alinda Patra competing for Vice Presidency among others (with even two “freshers” in the race for the deputy posts). With just weeks to the elections, these candidates made rounds through several law classes, laying out their manifestos and telling the masses what they think makes them the best choices for the various posts.

The Presidential Debate then ensued on the evening of Thursday with only hours to vote casting. This was the most interesting part of the entire process as we saw candidates stammer and others fumbling with the Queen’s language (I won’t mention names for purposes of this blog). By the end of this session, students had cleared all doubts in their minds and were ready to vote the candidates of their choice the next morning.

After the election process that was over seen by the UCU LS Electoral Commission, winners were announced. Wooli Gerald Sandy “hit the jackpot” for Presidency, Alinda Patra went through as the Vice President causing a wave of disbelief and utter doubt in the UCU Law Fraternity. A SWASA 2 student was heard asserting, “How come these that call themselves Learnedcan leave Sheila who has a moving manifesto for Patra who simply smiles when asked what she will do for the society.” I guess the result of the election beat his understanding.

And that, people, is how UCU Lawyers played their cards.

The winners are expected to be sworn-in next week after the Annual Law Dinner slated for Saturday 17th March at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala.

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